The magnet in the lake, guided imagery.

  • Have fun with this exercise, pretend you are five years old and this will be very simple to do.
  • Sit comfortably with your feet flat on the floor and arms and legs uncrossed.  Take 2 to 3 deep breaths and allow your muscles to relax.
  • Close your eyes and imagine a lake.  Make the image as vivid as possible, what are the surroundings like?  What colour is the water?

    Make the image a vivid as you can.

  • Imagine that in the deepest part of the lake there is a powerful magnet.
  • Allow the magnet to gently draw out of you anything that you no longer need i.e.     negative beliefs, old programming, emotions, limiting beliefs and other people’s energy.
  • Trust that your unconscious mind will only release what is not of benefit to you.
  • Whilst this is happening you may feel, see or hear things leaving you.
  • Remember to have fun – you can imagine cartoon characters pulling the negativity out of you.
  • If you do not sense anything, imagine that that you’re removing whatever is blocking you from releasing the negative energy.
  • If you still seem blocked remove what is blocking the block.
  • If you still feel stuck remove the block that’s blocking the block that’s blocking the block!
  • Now let the magnet do its work.
  • You may now like to scan your body from your feet up to your head, allowing the     magnet to draw any residue energy left in your body into the lake.
  • You are in charge of the intensity of the magnet; you can turn it up or down; knowing that you can stop the magnet at any time you wish.
  • When you feel you are finished, dissolve the image of the magnet and lake.  Some people like to explode the imagine into tiny pieces that disappear into the air, other people send their image deep into the earth.
  • When the image is gone imagine a golden ball of positive energy is hovering above you.
  • Imagine that the golden ball is growing and sparkling with positive healing energy.
  • Now allow the golden energy to enter your body and infuse every cell, filling up any gaps that are left from releasing into the lake.
  • Then allow the golden energy to heal your body.
  • Now allow the golden energy to enter your energy field, filling any gaps and healing you.
  • At the end relax for awhile.

 Try to use this exercise twice a day, on waking and before you go to sleep. 

Remember that you can use this exercise at any time to release any ‘negativity’ that you may feel and that you may have picked up during the day.

This exercise was invented by Art Giser, the founder of Energetic NLP.

For more information go to here

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Want more Clarity?

For me one of the quickest ways to gain clarity is to ground.

For me grounding feels like I am in full contact with myself, with the earth and I feel like I am part of the earth. 

 Furthermore, my head is clear and I feel stable and strong.

It is my experience that people:

  • Do not spend enough time practicing how to ground
  • Do not feel that grounding is important
  • Do not know when they are or are not grounded

 For these reasons I am going to start with what grounding is not.

 What Grounding is not:

  • Not leaving your body
  • Not floating
  • Not daydreaming
  • Not closing down
  • Not ‘playing’ memories in your head
  • Not acting out old habits

Grounding is:

  • Being aware of your body
  • Being aware of the energy in your body
  • Feeling the wholeness and togetherness of your body
  • Feeling the earth
  • Feeling part of the earth
  • Opening up

Why else is grounding important:

  • You can gain more awareness of your feelings
  • You to gain the message from the feeling (for more information)

To learn how to ground and receive more free energy and inspiration leave your details with me at

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How to act, rather than react through conditioning.

I have been aware since I was a child standing in church that god was inside of me at all times wherever I am. I also knew that he is inside of everyone and every living thing. This is easy to comprehend, imagine, when you are looking at a beautiful flower and harder when you feel uncomfortable in someone else’s presence. The discomfort is mostly caused by conditioning; yours or theirs it does not matter.

See if you can go inside of yourself and feel what is happening. Ask “where is the discomfort and what does it have to tell me?”

It might be telling you to get the hell out of there. Or it could be a memory of a time that was unpleasant and the person in front of you is acting as a trigger for you. The answer might be to place most of your attention inside of yourself and breathe through this memory until the discomfort changes. In other words, until you see through the conditioning.

You see through the conditioning by accepting you’re reaction; by checking in with yourself to see what it is about and then being guided from deep within yourself, as to what to do.

Meditation is away of practising checking in with yourself and practising being with whatever feelings and thoughts arise during the meditation.   Through the practice of meditation checking in with yourself becomes an easy quick process and your intuition and awareness of yourself and your surroundings grows, even in a situation that might cause discomfort.

To have confidence in your intuition, that little voice that you may hear or feel in your heart, you need to listen to you’re intuition more often.  Like any other natural ability, intuition needs to be exercised to work well and efficiently.

I call you to listen and accept yourself now and in each and every moment this will lead to inner peace and heart felt action, rather than reacting through conditioning.  Read more

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What is the secret of being?

I spend a lot of my time watching ducks.  They have a whole range of movements and behaviours.  At the moment, quite a few have chicks and I have seen them get noisy and protective.  As soon as whatever it is that triggered this behaviour is gone the duck returns to what ever they were doing or does something else, as if nothing happened.

The main thing that strikes me when I watch ducks is that they are always themselves and express themselves completely.  I have never seen or felt that a duck is low, unhappy and certainly not depressed.  In fact most of the time they feel very contented to me.

What is their secret?  A duck knows it is a duck; it follows its instincts and enjoys its ‘duckness’.

“But they don’t have to work in a job they hate” or “Ferry their kids around everywhere” or “They have it easy” or “They don’t think”; or do we!  It is our so called higher intelligence and ability to think and to keep thinking that gets us in trouble.  Is it not?

When was the last time you kicked of your shoes and enjoyed the feel of the grass?  Have you ever let go and allowed yourself to be, without thinking about the end result. 

Being does not mean the absence of doing, it means being fully in, fully concentrating, being present, in whatever you’re ‘doing’ especially if this is just sitting with you’re eyes closed enjoying you’re beingness.

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